Laundry Detergent - Dispenser Systems - Stain Remover - Iron & Rust 

Features and Benefits

OXALIC ACID is a mildly acidic product or “sour” designed for use in commercial laundries for removing iron (rust) stains or yellowing of laundry caused by iron deposition from the water supply.

OXALIC ACID is added to the washing machine in warm to hot water during a separate wash programme to remove heavy iron stains in clothing. The addition of a little ACTABRITE aids in performance during this cycle.

OXALIC ACID is suitable for all fabrics including cottons, poly cottons, visa (Polyester), silk and wool. It is also recommended for laundering all types of linen including uniforms worn in food processing establishments

Instructions for Use

To Remove Rust and Iron Stains from Laundry:

  • add the affected laundry plus 100-200g of product to the washing machine and run on a hot wash or hot pre-soak program.
  • If possible allow some soaking time as this will enhance stain removal
  • Do Not add any other chemical or detergent.
  • Run the machine through the full wash cycle to throughly rinse the laundry
  • To complete the process run the treated linen through a full wash cycle in the usual way with added detergent
  • As iron staining may vary it may be necessary to repeat treatment process or increase the concentration of Oxalic Acid.


To Remove Rust and Iron Stains from Laundry:
To remove rust and iron stains from laundry add 100-200g of product to a wash or hot pre-soak program. As iron staining may vary it may be necessary to repeat treatment or increase the concentration. 

Packaging and Ordering Information

Unit Product Code
100g Single Unit    LD 1LD.0200
10kg Single Unit    LD 1LD.0201
1kg Carton (10x100gm=1kg)    LD 1LD.0110
25kg Single Unit    LD 1LD.0225
4kg Single Unit    LD 1LD.0205


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Technical Data

Appearance: Powder
Colour: White
Odour: TBC
Foam Properties:    N/A
pH: 1.5
Specific Gravity: 1.65

Safety Data

For full health and safety details consult the Material Safety Data Sheet.
Read and follow all labels and safety directions before using, handling, or storing, this product.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Downloads



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